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So close

21.mai.2007 @ 12:58

It?s quite crazy to be lined up with all these people at this altitude. But one person was missing; my sherpa! He was somewhere behind, fighting to warm his cold fingers. And the best, he mixed me up with a Korean climber!


Until the second step it wasn?t very fluid, at each harder step we had to stop and let the queue go. Only a few slower climbers can make such a long line. Like at the supermarket, a Friday afternoon before a long weekend! Our leader Sherpa Dawa found it too dangerous to be so many people up there, once it might make a big catastrophe, I hope not. But we had a nice cake without the cherry!


As the sun raised the peaks around looked so small from 8 600 meters, Himalaya showed itself from the best!

All in all, we have to review our relation with Mother Goddess of the Universe, or maybe our Mother!


Chomolugma sunset

08.mai.2007 @ 14:30

Since Saturday we are relaxing in BC, doing laundry, playing cards, reading, eating pizza and drinking beer (in singular). I enjoyed a superb sunset on Sunday, it was magic to see Chomolugma coming out the clouds and be dressed by a beautiful light.

 Chomolungma Magic

But before this heavy program we had the last acclimatizing up to North Col with a difficult night for me, strong headache all night. But next time would get much better, no doubts! The consequent snow fall of the night force us to go down instead climbing to 7700m.  

North Col Camping

For the moment we will stay in our cosy BC enjoying the lazy life, it?s easier to say??. Tomorrow Fondue in the lunch program, I were to busy to get the stove to do it today, the French camp is quite far and a dangerous place to go. Traduction francaise: on se passe le temps comme on peut au camp de base, et il y a des coins ou je pedze volontier, c?est bon de tchatcher un peu avec des francais! 

A month in Tibet

30.apr.2007 @ 11:33
A bite of history!

After a crazy time in Kathmandu doing some shopping and visits, I specially enjoyed the Stuppa and meeting Dawa family. The only thing I'm disappointed is that I didn't get time to jump in the Pool that was just next to our room. (I really mean next). After a nice bus ride we reach the Chinese border where we can feel the authority, it's very unusual to have a Chinese women pointing you a gun like a thermometer straight toward you head, hopefully she wasn't scanning my brain!

Thanks to Dawa everything went perfectly. In Nyalam on the friendship highway, we hike around for the acclimatization, the nice view get from here and higher is just beautiful. Being close from the mountain and a peaceful place make me feel happier.

Rongbok Glacier Inn

Four days ago, it's a week that my girlfriend left for the Kumbu valley, just the time to loose the calendar notion. Since we are in BC we hike around some peaks and valley. My favourite is a frozen river with nice coloured rock wall on the side, I did some bouldering  on an easy wall. So good to feel on holyday in a warm place!

My Mum's cakes have a great success it's impossible to avoid the eating, I need to sleep on them to insure they security! Now it's about 6 days we enjoy the base camp by sleeping, reading, eating , doing some laundry little walk, visiting Rongbuk monastery, and a friendly French  expedition. I look forward to move a little up, feel more the mountain, and see how better we feel the altitude. Last time I had some strong headache during the night, but they disappear a soon I get down. Our sherpa has already bring tents and oxygen to 8300m the last days.

Tomorrow  we leave for intermediate camp and than as for as possible, we need to keep an eye's on the weather, they predict snow  and instabilities, the Lama calandar also!

Basecamp in the wind

This morning I feel thanksfull!

26.feb.2007 @ 09:31

Everything tastes right, Ali Farka Toure has the same mood than my inner feeling.The coffee smells like a free soul enjoying the world. When I woke up this morning, I remembered those long nights in Laerdal, where the wind and the rain colored the valley, melodies for a day dream.
How rich it is to prepare a new experience, the feeling of a new life, bringing each details together. Having the possibility to open a virgin book for two monthes and explore new ways, peoples, smiles, laughters, luminous eyes, altitude life, bouddhist country, sufferings, fears, satisfaction. It's a life in Life. All that just to play, is it a luxury?
I enjoy the training, beeing with friends in the mountain sharing good moments, powder snow with smiling clients. It's like putting money in the bank, bank of joy. This winter is very warm in the Alps, we need to go higher up to find good snow, maybe because of El Niño.
Time to change the music, and for one more coffee!
As my friend Manu says:" C'est bon à l'os!" with Quebec accent please!
I feel like a child...

Welcome to the Machiiiiine

25.jan.2007 @ 11:41
The Machiiiine
Guess what  each Norsk kitchen has, and that fits perfectly with Swiss cheese?

"The Machiiine*

I'm back in Chateau-d'Oex and I'm filled with North Good Spirit (not the  duty free one)! I felt great to meet the hole Mother ship to Everest Paradise in a so good atmosfear.

Last winter with Pierre we've been ice-climbing in Norway, we spend time aroud Hemsedal and I really like the place. So it was exciting to be so close from all those watterfall and not seeing them. By making new tracks on the stormy mountain my mind was created invisble landscape from memories. Sharing this windy ascent with the team was a good time.

The next day Camilla and Odd Harald mad me rediscover cross-country skiing in Cato's garden. A Lot of fun!

Last night at the Chateau-d'Oex balloon festival an Australian fellow showed us his movie flying over the Everest in 1991. Very adventurous expedition!
Impresive view of the big mountain area, just to pump up the desir!!