A month in Tibet

30.apr.2007 @ 11:33
A bite of history!

After a crazy time in Kathmandu doing some shopping and visits, I specially enjoyed the Stuppa and meeting Dawa family. The only thing I'm disappointed is that I didn't get time to jump in the Pool that was just next to our room. (I really mean next). After a nice bus ride we reach the Chinese border where we can feel the authority, it's very unusual to have a Chinese women pointing you a gun like a thermometer straight toward you head, hopefully she wasn't scanning my brain!

Thanks to Dawa everything went perfectly. In Nyalam on the friendship highway, we hike around for the acclimatization, the nice view get from here and higher is just beautiful. Being close from the mountain and a peaceful place make me feel happier.

Rongbok Glacier Inn

Four days ago, it's a week that my girlfriend left for the Kumbu valley, just the time to loose the calendar notion. Since we are in BC we hike around some peaks and valley. My favourite is a frozen river with nice coloured rock wall on the side, I did some bouldering  on an easy wall. So good to feel on holyday in a warm place!

My Mum's cakes have a great success it's impossible to avoid the eating, I need to sleep on them to insure they security! Now it's about 6 days we enjoy the base camp by sleeping, reading, eating , doing some laundry little walk, visiting Rongbuk monastery, and a friendly French  expedition. I look forward to move a little up, feel more the mountain, and see how better we feel the altitude. Last time I had some strong headache during the night, but they disappear a soon I get down. Our sherpa has already bring tents and oxygen to 8300m the last days.

Tomorrow  we leave for intermediate camp and than as for as possible, we need to keep an eye's on the weather, they predict snow  and instabilities, the Lama calandar also!

Basecamp in the wind

Postet av: Mimi

My dear Brother... what a pleasure to read your words, feeling your voice, the tune of your voice, your inner harmony, your soft and delicate soul... I wish you le meilleur du monde mon zuzu d'Amouuurrrr!!! Swingue la Baquaise au fond'la boîte à bois!!! ;o) Alles güatli schatzli! Mimi

30.apr.2007 @ 16:40
Postet av: Stéphane

Hello Cedric !
Alors comme ça t'as aussi un blog ! C'est cool :-)
Je ne pratiques pas couramment l'anglais pour tout comprendre.
J'espère que l'on se verra bientôt (peut-être)
A plus !

30.apr.2007 @ 17:19
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Postet av: albert

salut Cédric ici tout va bien et toi ,ton mal de tête va mieux ,il fait pas trop mauvais temps bon courage pour la suite tout le monde pense bien à toi bizoux papimouseau

01.mai.2007 @ 17:52
Postet av: madiha

hi baby! suis contente d'avoir de tes nouvelles...bon moi aussi j'espère que ca va mieux ton mal de tête, tu peux toujours te soigner avec les gateaux de ta maman et peut-être une petite fondue?? bon sinon pour les dernières nouvelles, je vais me marier!!!! le 30 juin c'est party night sous les étoiles et au champagne!!! Présence obligatoire et aucune excuse ne saura acceptée...je me réjouis de te revoir depuis le temps mon zuzu. en attendant je te fais de grosses papouilles

02.mai.2007 @ 20:56

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