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25.jan.2007 @ 11:41
The Machiiiine
Guess what  each Norsk kitchen has, and that fits perfectly with Swiss cheese?

"The Machiiine*

I'm back in Chateau-d'Oex and I'm filled with North Good Spirit (not the  duty free one)! I felt great to meet the hole Mother ship to Everest Paradise in a so good atmosfear.

Last winter with Pierre we've been ice-climbing in Norway, we spend time aroud Hemsedal and I really like the place. So it was exciting to be so close from all those watterfall and not seeing them. By making new tracks on the stormy mountain my mind was created invisble landscape from memories. Sharing this windy ascent with the team was a good time.

The next day Camilla and Odd Harald mad me rediscover cross-country skiing in Cato's garden. A Lot of fun!

Last night at the Chateau-d'Oex balloon festival an Australian fellow showed us his movie flying over the Everest in 1991. Very adventurous expedition!
Impresive view of the big mountain area, just to pump up the desir!!


Postet av: Monod Philippe

Zuzu, we are with you and the whole team.
Make us dream.
Phyl & Co

02.apr.2007 @ 08:07
Postet av: may et sonia

EUEUEUEUEUE! Salut l'ami. contente d'avoir enfin des nouvelles fraiches...moins fraiche que la temperature chez vous.
Blaise est en cours d'hiver pour 2 semaines, moi je visite Chamonix avec Sonia.
Gros bec et a bientot.

13.mai.2007 @ 15:41

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