This morning I feel thanksfull!

26.feb.2007 @ 09:31

Everything tastes right, Ali Farka Toure has the same mood than my inner feeling.The coffee smells like a free soul enjoying the world. When I woke up this morning, I remembered those long nights in Laerdal, where the wind and the rain colored the valley, melodies for a day dream.
How rich it is to prepare a new experience, the feeling of a new life, bringing each details together. Having the possibility to open a virgin book for two monthes and explore new ways, peoples, smiles, laughters, luminous eyes, altitude life, bouddhist country, sufferings, fears, satisfaction. It's a life in Life. All that just to play, is it a luxury?
I enjoy the training, beeing with friends in the mountain sharing good moments, powder snow with smiling clients. It's like putting money in the bank, bank of joy. This winter is very warm in the Alps, we need to go higher up to find good snow, maybe because of El Niño.
Time to change the music, and for one more coffee!
As my friend Manu says:" C'est bon à l'os!" with Quebec accent please!
I feel like a child...

Postet av: Anita

Mon Zuzu... je t'ai laissé à la Gare ce matin, le coeur tout chamadé par ton expé. Un frère, un lien, une vie, un rien, toi, le tout... que cette expé'ri'en ce... monde te soit lumineuse... le chemin n'est pas si long lorsque les paquerettes se jette sur ton coeur... GOOD LUCK... Tashe Dele...

02.apr.2007 @ 11:47
Postet av: Anita

Love one another,but make not a bond of Love

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls

Kahil Gibran

02.apr.2007 @ 11:50
Postet av: Knut Gulsvik


09.apr.2007 @ 13:40
Postet av: Anita

Brother... I can just imagin your eyes becoming as wise as Tibet... Your heart becoming as precious as the air in altitude... Your mind become as sharp as the mountains... your energy as strong as the wind... Oh Brother, let yourself become one with nature... I love you so much... Have the Best of Luck... Best of Life... and take care of your soft and amazing inner...

12.apr.2007 @ 09:14
Postet av: Phyl et famille and Sue

Thinking about you Cedric. Wish you all positive things, good weather, great conditions. We are with you in spirit. We make a toast to the success of all of your team. Santé ! Su

mon Zuzu, fais-nous rêver, profite et on se réjouit de t'entendre. Philippe

Cedric, lets do this summit, take care but enjoy it and come back quickly to tell us all about it. I promise, I will do a soupe de poisson ou un risotto !!!!! Annick

22.apr.2007 @ 13:00
Postet av: Mimi

Dis, l'Himalaya c'est comme l'armée suisse? on peut envoyer les paquets à ton Base Camp??? Alors attention... voici une cargaison de bisouuuus pour ZUZU et beaucoup d'Amour...

Gros bisouuuuu et tchotte pas tous les tubes de lait condensé en une fois!!! ;o)

Youpie! Profite ! Respire ! Sois ! Youpie Frère ! L'air est frais ! Comme la vie !

Rooo et tu vas louper l'Abbaye cette année! Mais des choses pareilles!!! ahahah Cédric d'Albert de Francis... tu es le rois du Tir de toute manière, tu as tiré le bon chemin, celui qui vers la lumière t'emène...

TASHI DELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26.apr.2007 @ 17:40
Postet av: Maman

Mon Cher Cédric, je te suit dans mes pensées pour faire la grimpette. Je te souhaite beaucoup beaucoup de courage et la force pour faire un bout de parcours...
Tout d'abord du plaisir puis tu fais comme tu te sents. Je te souhaite beaucoup de chance et t'embrasse bien fort.

26.apr.2007 @ 21:17

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