februar 2007
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This morning I feel thanksfull!

26.feb.2007 @ 09:31:21

Everything tastes right, Ali Farka Toure has the same mood than my inner feeling.The coffee smells like a free soul enjoying the world. When I woke up this morning, I remembered those long nights in Laerdal, where the wind and the rain colored the valley, melodies for a day dream.
How rich it is to prepare a new experience, the feeling of a new life, bringing each details together. Having the possibility to open a virgin book for two monthes and explore new ways, peoples, smiles, laughters, luminous eyes, altitude life, bouddhist country, sufferings, fears, satisfaction. It's a life in Life. All that just to play, is it a luxury?
I enjoy the training, beeing with friends in the mountain sharing good moments, powder snow with smiling clients. It's like putting money in the bank, bank of joy. This winter is very warm in the Alps, we need to go higher up to find good snow, maybe because of El Niño.
Time to change the music, and for one more coffee!
As my friend Manu says:" C'est bon à l'os!" with Quebec accent please!
I feel like a child...