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So close

21.mai.2007 @ 12:58

It?s quite crazy to be lined up with all these people at this altitude. But one person was missing; my sherpa! He was somewhere behind, fighting to warm his cold fingers. And the best, he mixed me up with a Korean climber!


Until the second step it wasn?t very fluid, at each harder step we had to stop and let the queue go. Only a few slower climbers can make such a long line. Like at the supermarket, a Friday afternoon before a long weekend! Our leader Sherpa Dawa found it too dangerous to be so many people up there, once it might make a big catastrophe, I hope not. But we had a nice cake without the cherry!


As the sun raised the peaks around looked so small from 8600 meters, Himalaya showed itself from the best!

All in all, we have to review our relation with Mother Goddess of the Universe, or maybe our Mother!


Chomolugma sunset

08.mai.2007 @ 14:30

Since Saturdaywe are relaxing in BC, doing laundry, playing cards, reading, eating pizza and drinking beer (in singular). I enjoyed a superb sunset on Sunday, it was magic to see Chomolugma coming out the clouds and bedressed by a beautiful light.

Chomolungma Magic

But before this heavy program we had the last acclimatizing up to North Col with a difficult night for me, strong headache all night. But next time would get much better, no doubts! The consequent snow fall of the night force us to go down instead climbing to 7700m.

North Col Camping

For the moment we will stay in our cosy BC enjoying the lazy life, it?s easier to say??. Tomorrow Fondue in the lunch program, I were to busy to get the stove to do it today, the French camp is quite far and a dangerous place to go.Traduction francaise: on se passe le temps comme on peut au camp de base, et il y a des coins ou je pedze volontier, c?est bon de tchatcher un peu avec des francais!